To get a pet or not to get a pet

I've always viewed having pets as a liability and a tragedy just waiting to happen but as I grow older and way wiser than my previous self I have come realize that liabilities and tragedies will come your way any ways so why not have the most convenient pick. So where is this all coming from? one may ask, well its coming from this apparent human need to take care of someone/something and get some in return. It just so happens you could get that from people too, its' just people are way to independent with their own lives and agendas, you can not rely on them, they think too much feel too much and their emotions and needs are not convenient if you plan on having a busy ( even if uneventful  life yourself, So as I see it its way too much work for a bit of care ( I don't need much, its a problem maybe but the verdicts not out on that definitively ). You could also care about inanimate objects but that's pretty much a one street, they don't need you that much either, unless its a very old, very expensive painting that needs to be kept safe and also in one piece by "special" methods. So that leaves me with the pet option and then which pet dilemma, I like cats but they are distant and cold and I'm already that so I cant have two of those going around the house, then there are fish but they can so very conveniently be turned into food ( But oh so pretty and colourful). That of course leaves Dogs, I think like dogs, I think I can get along with them.They are cute and trainable and generally nice unless they get rabies. Also I might not want to be the crazy cat person, or the crazy snake lady either so Dog it is. The breed that I would most want (Siberian Husky) would probably die because of the clime so would have to settle for a mid-east breed. So the agenda  for the next 6 months is set.

Note: Image taken from pupmart site

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