Never got the dog

I didn't get the dog after all, but this blog is coming back!!

To get a pet or not to get a pet

I've always viewed having pets as a liability and a tragedy just waiting to happen but as I grow older and way wiser than my previous self I have come realize that liabilities and tragedies will come your way any ways so why not have the most convenient pick. So where is this all coming from? one may ask, well its coming from this apparent human need to take care of someone/something and get some in return. It just so happens you could get that from people too, its' just people are way to independent with their own lives and agendas, you can not rely on them, they think too much feel too much and their emotions and needs are not convenient if you plan on having a busy ( even if uneventful  life yourself, So as I see it its way too much work for a bit of care ( I don't need much, its a problem maybe but the verdicts not out on that definitively ). You could also care about inanimate objects but that's pretty much a one street, they don't need you that much either, unless its a very old, very expensive painting that needs to be kept safe and also in one piece by "special" methods. So that leaves me with the pet option and then which pet dilemma, I like cats but they are distant and cold and I'm already that so I cant have two of those going around the house, then there are fish but they can so very conveniently be turned into food ( But oh so pretty and colourful). That of course leaves Dogs, I think like dogs, I think I can get along with them.They are cute and trainable and generally nice unless they get rabies. Also I might not want to be the crazy cat person, or the crazy snake lady either so Dog it is. The breed that I would most want (Siberian Husky) would probably die because of the clime so would have to settle for a mid-east breed. So the agenda  for the next 6 months is set.

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“How do you pick up the threads of an old life? How do you go on, when in your heart, you begin to understand, there is no going back? There are some things that time cannot mend. Some hurts that go too deep...that have taken hold.” ~Frodo

My Day

My day is done and now I turn, To where I call home,
My day is done and now my wings seek a familiar flight,
All I did and all I learnt, Now I put aside,
For my day is done and now I rest, No rule now I abide,
So bring forth what I was promised then,
I've done my time honest true,
I've done my chores,
I've done my tasks and now I long for you.


There is no possible excuse for not living, there is no good one anyway, so you do nothing and let life happen to you, So your bare minimum goal is to distract your self long enough? to what end? In case you are a believer then doing nothing doesn't warrant heaven, however if you are aiming for some warmer climes in your afterlife I guess a life of passivity could be the lifestyle option for you (score *wink*), I'm not judging.. just saying.  If you are NOT a believer then you truly have no excuse not even a "maybe/sorta" kind, you only have this one life. Either way please do not let your life be something that you watch from a distance, do not get numb, do not adapt to the point of loosing yourself. Feel love, anger, hope and disappointment, the perfection of a good cup of tea. Live your life with passion of a wild fire ( okay don't destroy everything in your path but more like encompass everything in your path ) and not a bunsen burner ( though undoubtedly I do like bunsen burners, but the point is that its "tame" fire). So quoting the words which actually brought on this bout of "Self-Help / Feel Good " styled rant:

"You are young and life is long
& there is time to kill today 
& then one day you find ten years have got behind you 
No one told you when to run 
You missed the starting gun."
Time, Pink Floyd
So life is too wonderful not be appreciated, this universe too awe inspiring not to be marvelled at, Humans too interesting to be ignored ( not even the stupid ones ) and our mistakes too big too be left alone and not sorted out.



So I have these questions, serious ones, and no one to answer these, the answers given by the media are either incomplete or coated or sponsored or just wrong, I don't know who's word to trust. What do we actually know about the activity of our government? I mean how do I go about seeing and measuring what they are doing, I'm just a random person, but I want direct accessible information in the form of neat little facts, and statistics and reports, I mean is that really so hard? Okay so why the rant? well as usual there was this political showmanship going on the TV, it was like watching a bunch of women gathered for a tea party and condoling eachother's bad luck with hired help, it was just one of those shows, it was pretty lame and as usual there was not much "news" that would interest me, and then I started thinking of all these once "Breaking News" items that were now forgotten, perhaps because:

  1. They don't get the same ratings anymore.
  2. They are not profitable.
  3. They served their purpose for the time and now more other "yummies" are on the table.
  4. The so many many many media channels are under staffed and cant dig information.
  5. There is no answer.
  6. Some amazing definite answer was give but I was not watching that very second, so therefore I missed it.
  7. Or its a cover up... maybe
Anyway, so what I wondering about are the following:

  • What has the Pakistani government done since last year to prevent floods and disaster this year and alleviate the suffering from the previous ones?
  • What happened to that inquiry about bad medicine drugs scandal?
  • What happened to all the laptops given by the Punjab's Chief Minister  to "deserving students"  to make rockets or something and was that even necessary?
  • Was Dr. Samar Mubarakmand’s coal gasification really a failure? 
and so many more, so I work to alleviate my ignorance on these first. Anyone has any concrete info do let me know, and by concrete I mean not just opinions but things backed by facts.

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Twitter Blocked in Pak because..


Superhero Syndrome

Why is that the minute a misfit discovers that he/she is from another planet, has been bitten by a radioactive cockroach or has been subject to top secret gruesome government super soldier/assassin program is the minute that he/she starts swinging about saving babies from rogue rubber duckies, bad guys in tights from boredom and their prospective love interest from themselves. Why cant for once such a person just CHILL? Why cant they think "Hey my eyes are going red and hot wonder if it would work on popcorn?". I don't think it can be particularity hard to hide super powers or a spare pair of wings, people hardly notice or care. I for one would want to see such ability-challenged individuals to relax and be lousy and careless like the rest of us, they don't have leap tall buildings in the single bound they can take the elevator and cross streets and stuff, bake cookies on Sundays, have a pet monkey not trained to be a sidekick, its OKAY to be a lousy even if you are special, Quite OKAY.

A and B

Person A and Person B talk it out

Person A: Give me a reason to believe in God.
Person B: You have take a leap of faith.
Person A: Thats no reason.
Person B: God reveals himself to his believers, people who have faith.
Person A: Why leap? it could be there is nothing on the other side
Person B: Ahh, but there is, you have to leap.
Person A: How do you know?
Person B: Because I have faith.
Person A: How did you know before you made the leap?
Person B: Because I have faith.
Person A: Where did that come from?
Person B: Because I made the leap of faith.
Person A: So you made the leap of faith because you had faith? How does that work?
Person B: You have to have faith.
Person A: *facepalm*

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